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How Regularly Do You Need a Personal Trainer?

Personal training is one of the fastest and the most effective ways to get your body in shape and achieve your fitness goals. A good relationship with your personal trainer based on honesty, trust and mutual understanding is the key to perfect fitness.

Over time, your personal trainer Media city will teach you to understand your body and its special needs, customized mechanics and exercise techniques. He will also monitor your progress and instill discipline and self accountability.

Once you achieve your fitness goals, you might be tempted to question the need of personal training. However an abrupt end to personal fitness training can sometimes get you sidetracked and you tend to go lax on your body. The correct frequency of your fitness training will depend on several factors.

Fitness Milestones

Your first session will be peppered with a lot of confusion and trepidation on your part. The physical assessment which is the first and the most important step of any fitness training is a challenging task. Your personal trainer in media city will do his best to instill a positive mindset and motivate you towards your health goals.

The frequency of the sessions in this first stage will depend upon your physical assessment results and you should follow your trainer’s instructions unconditionally.

Your fitness goals will be broken into several short term milestones. How often you work with your trainer will depend upon how fast your trainer thinks that your body can achieve the fitness milestones.

Behavioral pattern change

Your body has a language of its own. It will communicate by various means to let you know by signals whether you are overstressing yourself or are on the right track. Any lingering pain which refuses to go away even after 3-4 days should be immediately informed to your trainer so that he can modify your regime accordingly. Your fitness training frequency will be toned down by your Media City personal trainer if he feels that you have overstressed yourself.

The second important factor in behavior modification is attitudinal changes. If you are a basically sedentary person who has newly embarked on fitness training you will have to bring about some changes in your attitude towards exercise. Remember, the first step is always the hardest and the most important one.

The session frequency will depend a lot on your attitude and outlook towards exercise. If you can adjust to the incremental amounts of exercise as instructed by your media city personal training, on your own you will need fewer lessons. On the other hand if you are unsure of your abilities and need constant monitoring, you will have to work out with your trainer more often.

Self Discipline and Accountability

Your personal trainer will be a witness to your little slips and lazy spells. Whenever he sees that you are getting off track and side lining your fitness goals, he will gently guide you back. However there are certain restrictions on the abilities of personal trainers in Media City.

Your personal trainer Media City will give you some sort of diet chart and personal exercise regimen to follow which you are supposed to strictly adhere to. However, you might be tempted to be a little untruthful sometimes and falsely modify the frequency of your exercise routine at home. Again you might also cheat on your diet, for example you may be bingeing off and on but you conveniently forget to tell this to your trainer.

This will result in a lot of confusion and your trainer will be puzzled as to why you are not able to achieve your fitness milestones on time. Remember the more truthful you are, the faster you will improve in terms of overall health.

Self discipline and accountability are by far the most important factors influencing the frequency of your personal training sessions. A self disciplined and responsible person who is accountable towards his own goals will graduate to lesser training sessions faster.

Special Events and Achievement of goals

Once your personal trainer in Media city sees that you are progressing well, he will start prescribing more of home exercises and less of supervised sessions. You might soon graduate from 2-3 sessions per week to 1 session per month. However the strong relationship between you and fitness training Dubai can make you decide to keep an average number of monthly sessions to keep up your levels of motivation.

If you are an athlete training for a special event, your trainer might recommend an increased frequency of training sessions to sharpen your athletic prowess.

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