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Choosing a Personal Trainer

The primary job of a personal trainer Knowledge Village is to instruct individuals or groups, lead them and motivate them to perform activities and exercises that can improve their health and fitness levels or result in weight loss. It doesn’t matter if you want to get back in shape after baby birth or want to lose that ugly beer belly or unsightly love handles or if you have become health conscious after suffering a mini stroke – you can always count on personal trainers Knowledge Village  to help you out with your ordeal.

However it can sometimes become difficult to separate the grain from the chaff and you may fall prey to an impostor who calls himself a fitness trainer. Working out with these untrained, unqualified fitness ‘experts’ can injure your body in the long term and cause other irreparable damages. So how do you pick out the best fitness trainers around? The following points will help you to determine if a personal fitness trainer meets the mark.

Knowledge, Training and Certification

A personal fitness trainer in Dubai or in any other part of the world should hold at least a bachelor’s degree or diploma in fields such as sports science, sports medicine, sports conditioning, physical training and fitness, kinesiology, exercise physiology or their likes from a nationally or internationally reputed and recognised institute.

The institute must be accredited and affiliated to internationally recognised regulatory bodies.  The degree or diploma should include or be followed up by an internment.

Additional qualifications and certifications in martial arts or tai chi or reiki or yoga or Pilates or geriatric/paediatric/pre natal and post natal exercise training will be an added advantage. However, personal trainers in Knowledge Village advise fitness enthusiasts to check the credentials of a personal fitness trainer before hiring him.

Many people complete short online 10 week courses in physical fitness and training where they are required to correctly answer a few multiple choice questions to obtain their certification.

You should be careful about hiring these people because physical fitness training is one subject that cannot be taught online. Apart from proper education, training and certification, a candidate should also possess at least a year’s experience in personal training Knowledge Village.

Evaluation and Assessment

Never hire a Knowledge Village personal training expert who puts you on an exercise programme without conducting a thorough physical assessment test or without taking a detailed medical history report.

A personal evaluation will test your blood pressure, posture, body composition, maximum oxygen intake, aerobic capacity and take into account other medical conditions you may suffer from. The point of subjecting you to this test is to ensure that you get an exercise programme that is totally tailor made to meet your unique needs.

A woman who has just given birth and wishes to lose her post partum pounds will have different needs compared to a morbidly obese 60 year old man who also suffers from diabetes. Stay away from fitness trainers who try to feed you the ‘one size fits all’ formula.


Your Knowledge Village personal trainer should possess the necessary knowledge for adjusting the combination of skill acquisition, speed, coordination, flexibility, strength training, weight control and cardio vascular endurance that constitutes programming. This programming combination should be ideally adjusted depending on your requirements, fitness goals, daily lifestyle and calorie intake.


Personal trainers in Knowledge Village cannot work independently. They have to work in tandem with your physician, dietician/nutrition expert, chiropractor or physical therapist. If you are obtaining the help of personal training in Knowledge Village as part of your treatment strategy, your physical trainer would have to network with others in the medical team before recommending a health supplement for you.

Up to Date

A good Knowledge Village personal trainer will keep himself up to date and in tune with the latest developments in the fitness world (this pertains to newly launched nutritional supplements, fitness techniques, products, machines, equipments).

But at the same time he needs to guard against empty hypes or fitness fads that are taking the world by storm. He needs to understand what can stand the test of time and which ones are mere gimmicks.

Observation and Monitoring

The mark of a good personal trainer Knowledge Village is his ability to monitor and observe participants while they perform work outs. He should watch out for injuries or signs of overexertion, rectify your errors, teach you the correct method of using the equipments and maintain safety. He should also be open to communication with his students.

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