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10 Essential Aspects of Fitness

For most people fitness is all about losing weight and looking good. For others, it is about longevity of their lives or how functional their body is. Maintaining a healthy weight is an important component of fitness. An active lifestyle and healthy diet can help you to lose the excess pounds. Nowadays many are joining fitness centers or boot camps with the aim of losing weight or becoming fit. Hiring a Personal Trainer Internet City to help you in achieving your fitness goals has become more of a necessity than a luxury.

Before one embarks on a journey to achieve fitness, it is very important to understand what fitness means. Fitness professionals have identified ten essential aspects of fitness. These are broadly divided into two categories-primary aspects and secondary aspects.

Primary aspects of fitness

The primary components of fitness are necessary if you want to improve your physical health. Discuss these with your Personal Trainer Internet City and ensure that your fitness program mainly focuses on these primary aspects.

Cardio-respiratory endurance –This refers to the capacity of the body’s ability to gather in oxygen, process it to create energy and deliver it to the cells. It basically speaks about how healthy your heart is. A good Personal Trainer Internet City will ensure that he makes you do exercises that are good for the heart, mainly cardio and aerobics. This can improve your cardio-respiratory endurance and therefore can decrease the risk of any cardiovascular disease.

Muscular capacity – Muscles help in burning calories. This means the more lean muscles you have, higher your metabolic rate is. Muscular capacity includes muscle endurance, muscle power and muscle strength. Muscle strength is defined as one’s ability to generate force. You need strong muscles if you want to carry a heavy load or something. So include resistance training in your personal fitness training in Dubai to achieve muscle strength. Muscular endurance is how long you can generate force. You can achieve this by doing many repetitions of low-weight training. Muscle power is the ability of your body to generate force in an explosive manner.  Your Personal Trainer Internet City will train you in plyometric exercises to increase your muscular power.

Flexibility – Flexibility is defined as the range of motion that can occur at a joint. Improving the flexibility of a muscle can reduce the injury on a joint. Yoga helps in improving the body’s flexibility. Warm ups and cooling down stretches before and after workouts also help in improving the body flexibility and to avoid injuries. A good Personal Trainer Internet City will ensure this.

Body composition – This refers to the body’s fat percentage. A healthy fat percentage means reduced risk of heart diseases and a higher metabolic rate.

Secondary aspects of fitness

These secondary components of fitness are essential if you want to improve the daily functionality of your body.

Balance – This is the body’s ability to maintain a certain position when moving or stationary. Maintaining a healthy weight can help in body balance.

Coordination – How well can you use all your body parts to make one smooth motion? Most people shy away from gyms or public fitness centers because they have ‘two left feet’. Allow your Personal Trainer Internet City to help you in achieving body coordination through various exercises.

Agility – This is the body’s ability to quickly change directions. It is essential that you should be able to change directions quickly without causing any injuries. Athletes train for agility.

Reaction time – This is mainly your response time to stimulus. Your brain health is also very important. Greater reaction time means that your brain is capable of sending signals to the body quickly and thereby a healthy brain.

Speed – Speed is the ability of the body to move fast in any direction. A Personal Trainer Internet City who trains you for speed is also guaranteeing you high cardio-respiratory capacity and muscular endurance.

Power – Power is the combination of strength and speed. Athletes require a lot of power to gain an edge over their competitors. You can also ask your Personal Trainer Internet City to design you a powerful training program. Cycling uphill and running short distances are good ways to increase your power.

If you want to be truly fit in all senses, you have to give equal importance to the primary and secondary aspects of fitness discussed above. Being fit also lifts your mood thereby making you a happier person. Hire a Personal Trainer Internet City to guide and assist you in achieving your fitness goals.


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